The McKnight Fellowships for Choreographers offers a choreographic residency program in partnership with five national partners: the American Dance Festival (Durham, NC), the Maggie Allesee National Center for Choreography (Tallahassee, FL), Lumberyard (formerly American Dance Institute) (Catskill, NY), and Tofte Lake Center (Ely, MN) and a trio of New York City partners (Gibney Dance, Movement Research, and The Playground). In addition to the fellowship cash award, choreography fellows may apply for a McKnight-sponsored residency with one of the program’s National Residency partners. The residencies provide time and resources for the development of new choreographic work as well as garnering a national profile for the fellows.



 2018-2019 National Residencies

  • Megan Mayer: Lumberyard

2017-18 National Residencies

  • Chris Schlichting: Lumberyard
  • Pramila Vasudevan: NYC
  • Rosy Simas: MANCC

2016-17 National Residencies

  • Vanessa Voskuil: American Dance Festival

2015-16 National residencies

  • Patrick Scully: MANCC
  • Penny Freeh: Camargo Foundation
  • Karen Sherman: American Dance Institute
  • Emily Johnson: MANCC

2014-15 National Residencies

  • Aparna and Ranee Ramaswamy: MANCC
  • Joanie Smith: Tofte Lake Center
  • Wynn Fricke: ADF

2013-14 national Residencies

  • Carl Flink: American Dance Festival
  • Ananya Chatterjea: Tofte Lake Center

2012-13 National Residencies

  • Chris Yon: MANCC  
  • April Sellers: MANCC

2011-2012 National Residencies

  • Megan Mayer: MANCC
  • Penelope Freeh: MANCC