The McKnight Fellowships for Choreographers offers a choreographic residency program in partnership with six national partners: the American Dance Festival (Durham, NC), the Maggie Allesee National Center for Choreography (Tallahassee, FL), Lumberyard (Catskill, NY), The National Center for Choreographer (Akron, OH), Tofte Lake Center (Ely, MN) and a trio of New York City partners (Gibney Dance, Movement Research, and The Playground). In addition to the fellowship cash award, choreography fellows may apply for a McKnight-sponsored residency with one of the program’s National Residency partners. The residencies provide time and resources for the development of new choreographic work as well as garnering a national profile for the fellows.

Pictured: Chris Schlichting dancers. Photo by Madeline Best



 2018-2019 National Residencies

  • Megan Mayer: Lumberyard

2017-18 National Residencies

  • Chris Schlichting: Lumberyard

  • Pramila Vasudevan: NYC

  • Rosy Simas: MANCC

2016-17 National Residencies

  • Vanessa Voskuil: American Dance Festival

2015-16 National residencies

  • Patrick Scully: MANCC

  • Penny Freeh: Camargo Foundation

  • Karen Sherman: American Dance Institute

  • Emily Johnson: MANCC

2014-15 National Residencies


  • Aparna and Ranee Ramaswamy: MANCC

  • Joanie Smith: Tofte Lake Center

  • Wynn Fricke: ADF

2013-14 national Residencies

  • Carl Flink: American Dance Festival

  • Ananya Chatterjea: Tofte Lake Center

2012-13 National Residencies

  • Chris Yon: MANCC

  • April Sellers: MANCC

2011-2012 National Residencies

  • Megan Mayer: MANCC

  • Penelope Freeh: MANCC