Pictured: Renee Copeland, Photo: Tim Rummelhoff

McKnight Fellowships for Choreographers and the McKnight Fellowships for Dancers provide fellowship awards to individual mid-career choreographers and dancers who reside in Minnesota. The McKnight Fellowships for Choreographer and Dancers are designed to enrich and strengthen our community by acknowledging the accomplishments of individual choreographers and dancers and providing for their artistic growth.

The McKnight Foundation funds individual artist fellowships in 11 program areas. The Cowles Center For Dance & The Performing Arts is the administrative home for the McKnight Fellowships for Dancers and the McKnight Fellowships for Choreographers. Support for individual artists has been a cornerstone of The  McKnight Foundation’s Arts program since it began in 1981. The foundation recognizes that the arts cannot flourish or enhance community life without the ideas, energy, and drive of individual artists, and that artists cannot make these contributions without unfettered creative time.




The McKnight Fellowships for Choreographers and Dancers annually awards three $25,000 fellowships to Minnesota choreographers and three $25,000 fellowships to Minnesota dancers. The awards are unrestricted and can help an artist set aside periods of time for study, reflection, experimentation, and exploration; take advantage of an opportunity; or work on a new project.




The McKnight International Choreographer program invites one international choreographer each year to spend time in residence in Minnesota, collaborating with Minnesota dance artists and showcasing new work. International Choreographer residencies are offered by invitation only. Applications are not accepted. 

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National Residencies

 McKnight Choreographer Fellows may apply for a choreographic residency with one of our five national partners.

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Through the SOLO Commissioning Program each McKnight Dancer Fellow selects a choreographer to create a new solo work expressly for the fellow.

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